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How to Read an Eyeglasses Prescription

Eyeglasses Frame

When you buy a new pair of specs the first thing you’ll be getting your hands on is choosing the right eyeglasses frame. Will it match with your face shape or skin tone? Is it going to complement well with your chosen outfit or kind of lifestyle? Oh, wait. Have you taken a peek at your eyeglasses prescription, the piece of paper given to you by your optometrist or ophthalmologist after your eye checkup?

At first, it is really taunting to read it (and you’re lucky if you can understand a thing or two) and yet it has the information you need to be able to see clearly again. How do you solve this conundrum? You just simply hand it over to your trusted optician and let them do their job. Problem solved. Why is it important to decipher it if it looks like a Voynich Manuscript to a mortal’s eyes, wishing it is as easy as choosing an eyeglasses frame? What if a time comes you need to buy glasses online? You have no choice but to fill in on your own fields like OD power, OS power, total PD or axis.

So, let’s do some eyewear prescription reading! Before we proceed, it looks like this:

· OD and OS = it stands for Oculus Dexter and Oculus Sinister, Latin words for ‘right eye’ and ‘left eye’ respectively. Sometimes, each of our eyes is not created equal and it can have different measurements.

· OU = it is not written in the image but if you read this it means the prescription can be applied on both eyes. It reads as Oculus Uterque, meaning ‘each eye.’

· Distance = this row is the result of your Snellen chart exam. It determines the lens power you need to be able to see at a distance.

· Sphere = it can be shortened to ‘SPH.’ This gives you the ability to have a 20/20 vision. It also tells you if you’re myopic or hyperopic. The minus sign (-) translates to nearsightedness. While a plus sign (+) or a number that has no signs before it denotes farsightedness.

· Cylinder = can be abbreviated to ‘CYL.’ Did your eye doctor put a number in it? Then you have an astigmatism, a refractive error which the eye does not focus light evenly on the retina, according to US National Eye Institute.

· Axis = in case you have astigmatism, this space should be filled out as well. As explained by, axis is the number between 1 to 180 that indicates the meridian of the eye, and tells the manufacturer where on your lens the astigmatism correction should be located.

· Prism = this number means to correct eye alignment and is measured in terms of prism diopters.

· Base = this goes along with the previous item and determines which edge of the prism should be the thickest. It could be up (BU), down (BD), toward the nose (BI) or toward the ears (BO).

· Add = specifies the needed magnifying power, which ranges from +0.75 D to +3.00 D.

· Additional Information = your eye doctor writes here if you prefer to coat it with anti-reflective film or UV protection.

As you can notice, there is no PD or pupillary distance on the image. This is not usually noted on your prescription, so better ask your optometrist or ophthalmologist to have it measured. Eyeglass Direct defines it as “the distance from the center of the pupil (black circle) in one eye to the center of the pupil in the other.”

Alright, that is quite a lot to dig in but the important thing is you’re now an informed buyer next time you get a new pair and not just a pro at picking the right eyeglasses frame.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Weird in Dental: Animal Eating Habits you Might Not Have Known

Ask yourself, or even ask your dentist in Quezon City, “what’s the first thing you think of when you say teeth?” I’d bet that your answer would be “smile”. OK, so what’s the second thing that you can think of? Eating. Of course it’s eating. I mean, what else do you do with your teeth?

Eating is simple. You get food, put it in your mouth, chew with your teeth, enjoy (experience may vary) and then swallow. You’d think that, at least for animals, it would be that simple and that they’d eat in the typical way we know but really, there are a lot of things that would be surprised about with their habits. Sink your teeth into some of them.

Birds eat Birds
This doesn’t sound as weird if you’re familiar as to what birds of prey, like hawks, falcons, and eagles like. It would sound weird if we told you that pelicans eat pigeons. It’s what they do when there’s a shortage of fish in their vicinity.

Another bird that has an unusual eating habit is the skua. It scares seagulls by swooping on at them and until they vomit out of fear and exhaustion. That’s if they gulls are lucky—if they haven’t anything to vomit, after they get exhausted, skuas proceed to just straight up eating their tired bodies. Oh, and they eat baby penguins, too.

Cows eat Birds (Sometimes)

Cows, with their molar filled mouth, are the last animals you’d expect to need to eat birds but they do, and so do goats, deer, and sheep! It’s because these “herbivores” need calcium and other minerals that their current diet or environment are not making available to them—for example, stags eat tiny wild birds because they need to develop their antlers, and so on.

Humans aren’t the Only Animals to Wash Food

Humans have this distinctive acuity for hygiene that not everyone in the animal kingdom has. They take shower, brush their teeth, and eat food only after it’s been washed clean. Surprisingly, the Japanese macaque does too!
Used to be, macaques just brushed off any soil that would be on the root crops they were to eat but one of them, whom the researchers affectionately named Imo, washed hers by the sea and all the others followed suit, creating a habit that has prevailed until today.

Humans Eat Vomit

What? Ew! How gross is it to even think about eating vomit. The thing is, however, you could most likely be among these vomit eating people. Honey is a sweet name for bee vomit. That’s basically it, we are a species that enjoy the vomit of small flying insects. Technically, this entry isn’t as weird for you as it is for the bees who might be wondering why others would want to steal they’re regurgitated pollen that might even be great for oral health.


Maybe one of the weirdest and most amazing thing I’ve heard in a while is this scientific jargon. It basically means the food habit of animals specifically for the purpose of treating illness and recovering from injuries. That’s right: there are animals that have turned nature into their own free-for-all pharmacy.

Dogs would sometimes eat grass so they can induce vomiting after eating something that could potentially be poisonous. Even eating bone, apart from being a method of sustenance, is also a way for dogs to keep their teeth sharp and clean.

This is such a wonderfully weird world we live in that even animals, instead of visiting the same dentist in Quezon City that you do, will find a way to care for their teeth, or wash food or season it with salty sea water. But no matter how weird it is to think that bee vomit is something we enjoy as humans, constant brushing and regular trips to the dentist is still necessary. 

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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

4 Reasons Why You Should Consider Buying a House and Lot in Batangas

For almost 6 years, me and my girlfriend had our ups and downs in our relationship. One of the dilemma that we usually encounter was that I am always a passive individual without a goal in life. I always believed that everything happens for a reason and if something is meant to happen (let’s say a promotion) it would just like how we’ve met. Though I didn’t hear any complaints from my girlfriend, I saw it in her that she always wanted me to get out of my comfort zone and plan things for our future. To be honest, I always do self-pity because I don’t try things that I think I would fail.

I’m proud to tell you that it was a thing of the past because for 2 years now, I’ve accumulated all the support, love and self-confidence that I need. I’ve been living up to the potential that I should have accomplished years ago. Today, I’m now a successful entrepreneur of a small online business and my next goal is to buy a house for my wife and for our family soon.

While browsing the internet, I’ve been reading much needed suggestions and positive feedbacks and was easily persuaded that it is worth it to buy a house and lot in Batangas.

Here are the reasons why I chose to buy house and lot in Batangas and why you should too:


Batangas is a province located in the Calabarzon region in Luzon. It is within the borders of Cavite, Laguna, and Quezon. From Manila, it only takes 3-4 hours travel on land.

Though it’s still advisable to buy a house within Metro Manila, its location is still a good catch for many who dreams to have a house as a starting family.

Rich Culture and History

Batangas has its share of rich history even before the Spaniards came into the Philippines. They have been known to be trading with the Chinese since the 13th and the 15th centuries since the Yuan Dynasty and the first phase of the Ming Dynasty. Also, according to some ancient writings found, though Tagalogs are known to be a high civilization since, Batangas has been recognized as the center of the Tagalog tribe. As a matter of fact, to support his claim American archeologist Henry Otley Beyer even recognized the early Paleolithic Period of the Philippines as the Batangas period because of its rich resources of Jades found from its caves.

Tourist Destination

For the reason that its proximate with Metro Manila, many tourists indulge themselves by going to Batangas quite often. For 3 hours of land travel, you can get to see the well-known Taal Volcano, Taal Heritage Town, and swim and dive to numerous beaches and diving sites found in the province. Some of the popular beaches and diving spots in Batangas are: Laiya in San Juan, Punta Fuego in Nasugbu, Matabungkay in Lian, Ligpo Island in Bauan and Anilao in Mabini.

Center of Commerce

By having the second largest international seaport in the Philippines, Batangas has slowly emerged as one of the center of trade in the country. Being identified as the industrial growth center in the region helped the province increase the number of business establishments who wants to operate in its industrial parks.

If you need affordable house and lot in Batangas, you can visit this site:

Sunday, August 7, 2016

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Trucks

Trucking businesses here in the Philippines are not as popular as the trucking businesses in the US, well I’m not as sure as hell with it but upon searching the internet, only facts about US trucking industry appears through the search results.

Regardless of the results, here are some of the interesting facts about trucks:
  • An 18-wheeler truck is also called semi truck.
  • An 80,000 semi-trailer truck weighs 20 to 30 times more than a car.
  • A semi-trailer truck has a 55 degrees turning radius.
  • Most semi-trailer trucks tires are not supposed to exceed 75 mph.
  • The length of time needed for a truck to stop is 40% greater than cars.
  • Semi-trailer trucks are generally 53 feet long.
  • Semi-engines of trailer trucks can hold up to approximately 15 gallons of fuel.
  • Semi-engines are designed to perform non-stop.
  • In the Philippine economy, vehicle sales were above 300,000 where trucks where a part of 26,979 units sold, an 80% increase of the units sold in 2014.

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Friday, July 29, 2016

How to Fine-Tune Your Social Accounts for Mobile Users

Your company had conducted an exhaustive and rigorous social media analysis and had tuned in into different channels. Social media moderation has never been off your radar as well. You’ve done your homework. You have been hovering like a hawk on your laptop to monitor your tweets, shares and likes for so long, you’ve forgotten the tiny gadget in your pocket.

We’re referring to your smartphone. The small rectangular device that an average user checks 85 times a day, according to Daily Mail. Why does it have anything to do with your brand promotion and selling?

Ever heard of social media mobile marketing where, according to, “68% of companies have used it as a part of their overall marketing strategy”?

Have you checked your company’s social accounts on your mobile phone? What does it look like? Is the mobile experience of your audience with your brand gains rave reviews? Did you know that “57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site”?

Could your mobile presence reach about 2.1 billion smartphone users worldwide?

This figure is based on eMarketer as shown in the image below:

Smartphone has been likened to a digital “Swiss Army knife” of this modern age, Time says. The common activities we can do with this small gadget are accessing emails, text messaging, internet search, social networking, getting news alerts, playing games, listening to music, reading, watching videos or movies and even getting directions, according to MarketingCharts. No wonder we can’t live without it. A piece of device that has been integrating itself into our waking lives and haunts us awake just as we’re about to sleep.

Businesses should take advantage of this immensely. So, how do you fine-tune your social accounts to be mobile-friendly?

Fact Check: As of the last quarter of 2015, the mobile-only monthly active users of Facebook were 823 million. -VentureBeat

Fine-tune it by:

The leading social networking site had been adaptive for business ever since. They also made sure it can be accessible via mobile:
  • Use call-to-action buttons like this:


image-url: Source:

Here is a short tutorial from their site.
  • Add one or two new pages on your profile such as the Shop section (retail businesses) and the Service section.
  • In a blog on Mashable, it tells us that Facebook is planning to put ads on their Messenger app. Sweet, right?
Fact Check: It has 83% active users on mobile. -Twitter

Fine-tune it by:

Engage with your followers real-time and keep them updated with your latest promos and offerings. Here are a few nuggets of advice:

  • Make your tweets searchable on by using keywords relevant to your business.
  • Use Twitter app cards to promote your brand on mobile, advised by Social Media Week.
  • You can posts tweets via text messaging by doing these steps. Even without data, you can do business via Twitter!

Fact Check: The average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1 billion. –Statistic Brain

Fine-tune it by:

It seems internet users today are hungrier for visual content and marketers are getting caught up with this trend. In fact, based on an infographic by, “65% of consumers watched videos longer than 30 minutes.” How can your business join in the bandwagon?
  • Use Bumper ads. TechCrunch defines it as “video ads that are only six seconds long and better-suited for smartphone video watchers.” It is quite challenging for the content creators, though.
  • YouTube also introduced ‘Shopping ads’. Businesses can advertise their products directly on the video by clicking the info icon on the upper right corner. 

  • Optimize your videos to be responsive to smartphones by applying this simple trick.

Fact Check: “Over a third of Instagram users have used their mobile to purchase a product online. -Brandwatch

Fine-tune it by:

The power of virtual storytelling is evident on Instagram and every company has its own story to tell. But how can it be utilized for business? Social Media Examiner suggests the following:
  • If social media moderation is not enough, you can use trackable links instead of posting the full URL of your website to track traffic by shortening it using Bitly or
  • Showcase your products and services through the images and videos you upload.
  • Use 10-15 hashtags. This is appropriate because, as stated on the site, “this will help increase your reach, engagement, and overall visibility.”
By applying these techniques, you can adapt your company’s social channels into mobile technology almost seamlessly. Indeed, social media plus mobile marketing is a powerful combination; it’s just a question of how far you’ll push the envelope to reach your customers.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

How to Handle Expansion Joints in Piping Systems

image-url: Source:
Expansion joints are of great use in the Philippines especially in piping systems. According to Pumps and Systems, expansion joints or bellows can “absorb all directional movements, reduce noise and vibration, resist shock, relieve pipe and anchor stresses, compensate for misalignment and provide access to piping and equipment.” Aside from piping systems, it can be seen in buildings, bridges and roads.

There are also types of expansion joints, and these are free type, guide rod type, reinforced type, universal type, hinge type, gimbal type, straight pipe pressure balanced type, and bent pipe pressure balanced type. It allows pipes to be flexible due to movement and thermal expansion. It should be able to adjust to axial movement, lateral deflection, angular rotation, torsional rotation and pressure thrust.

But for expansion joints to last, proper care and maintenance should be enforced. Ramachandran explained how to do this in his paper entitled “Metal Expansion Joints/Bellows.”

Bellows should be properly stored. The area should be dry and clean and free of work traffic. Keep it away from weld spatter, molten metal, and heavy and sharp objects. The primary ‘enemy’ of metal expansion joint is corrosion. Cover it with water resistant sheets and place it in an enclosed space. The protective coating in the packing should be intact and don’t stack it above another.

Several things must be kept in mind in order to retain the original shape of the bellow. The shipping brackets with yellow coating should remain in place. The surface or ground is smooth and flat. But don’t let it touch the ground directly or on bare earth; rest it on a weld end pipe or flange.

Treat bellows with utmost care during installation. Conduct a thorough inspection before installing the expansion joints. It should not have damages like broken hardware, loose shipping bars, dents and scratches. Check also the accessories or components of the bellow such as gaskets, fasteners and removable liners.

Mind also how the expansion joints are lifted and handled. Pick it up using the lifting lugs, and avoid using chains or any other handling devices. Do not use the shipping bars because this is not designed as handle bars of the expansion joints. In addition, do not lift an unrestrained bellow.

The shipping bars must remain in position and only remove it after installation is complete. In cleaning bellows, avoid using cleaning chemicals containing chlorides, caustics or sulphides. These substances may corrode the expansion joints. If the bellow needs to be insulated, apply it with chloride free insulation material. It is not just chemicals that may harm bellows. Avoid abrasive tools such as wire brush and steel wool.

Assign a construction personnel who is well-trained and knowledgeable in installing expansion joints. One of his basic tasks is to ensure the piping fits the bellows. The personnel should inspect if the system drawings are strictly followed. After installation, make sure any damage had not been made; no expansion joint is misaligned; the shipping bars are removed and ensure it is free of foreign materials. A pressure test should also be performed.

Expansion joints in the Philippines are not just simple commodity based on the preparations that should be done before and after installation, and even on how it should be stored. Every unit should be handled with care or it will lead to irreparable damage.

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Friday, July 8, 2016

Mid-Year Fiscal Updates that will Surely Affect Healthcare Outsourcing

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General just released the mid-year update for the fiscal year work plan for 2016. It laid out some important information that will be useful in predicting the direction of several undergoing and planned legal and investigative initiatives. Some of the note-worthy contend of the mid-year update that might affect healthcare outsourcing are the following:

Outpatient Outlier Payments for Short-Stay Claims
Office of the Inspector General will start to determine the extent of potential Medicare saving in cases wherein hospital stays were ineligible for an outlier patient. The purpose of the outlier payment is to ensure beneficiary access to services by having the Medicare program share in the financial loss incurred by a provider associated with individual, extraordinarily expensive cases. Prior OIG reports have concluded that a hospital’s high charges, unrelated to cost, lead to excessive inpatient outlier payments.

National Background Checks for Long-Term-Care Employees
The Office of the Inspector General will also review the procedures implemented by participating states for long-term-care facilities or providers to conduct background checks on prospective employees and providers who would have direct access to patients and determine the costs of conducting background checks. These analyses will determine the outcomes of the states’ programs and determine whether the background checks led to any unforeseen consequences. This mandated work is expected to be issued in fiscal year 2019, in accordance with section 6201 of the Affordable Care Act.

Medicare Home Health Fraud Indicators
The Office of the Inspector General will describe the extent that potential indicators associated with home health fraud are present in home health billing for 2014 and 2015. They will analyze Medicare claims data to identify the prevalence of potential indicators of home health fraud. This will help prevent cases in which the Medicare home health benefit from being exploited leading to fraud, waste, and abuse. OIG has a wide portfolio of work involving home health fraud, waste, and abuse.

Oversight and Effectiveness of Medicaid Waivers

The Office of the Inspector General will determine the extent to which selected states made use of Medicaid waivers and if costs associated with the waivers are efficient, economic, and do not inflate federal costs. Oversight of state Medicaid waivers will also be assessed. More states are using waivers to alter their Medicaid program in significant ways, and oversight of these programs presents challenges to ensure that payments made under the waivers are consistent with efficiency, economy, and quality of care. This initiative is expected to be issued in 2017.

Implementation of Recommendations Regarding HHS’ National Security Program
The Office of the Inspector General will assess whether applicable classification policies have been adopted, effectively administered, and followed, based on a 2013 report. The Reducing Over-Classification Act of 2010 requires that the Inspector General of each Federal department or agency with an officer or employee who is authorized to make original classification decisions conduct two evaluations. This mandatory review is expected to be issued in 2016.

There are also a handful of completed items in the OIC fiscal plan. Most of which are focused on Medicare as a result of the governments continue campaign for affordable healthcare.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

10 Quirky Cleaning Tricks for Emergency Cleaning

You have to do a quick cleanup before your guests arrive tonight but there’s a teeny-weeny problem—you’ve run out of cleaning supplies. Oh, no. We’ve got an emergency situation here because your house really needs a serious cleaning. Hold up! Before you go to the nearest janitor supplies store in Manila, raid your kitchen and bathroom first. You badly need some cleaning paraphernalia, right?

The products you are supposed to find should be in the ranks of the famed white vinegar and baking soda as wonder cleaning agents. White vinegar, as stated by, is a great disinfectant, cuts grease and removes stains. Baking soda, which also goes by its lesser known name ‘sodium bicarbonate,’ is used for “cleaning, stain removal, laundry, odor removal,” says Stain Removal 101. Do the unconventional cleaning products below stand a chance to be worthy rivals? Just read on to find out:


It isn’t just a thirst quencher but it fights tough stains as well. Wise Bread provided a list of its other uses as follows:
  • Remove the greasy stain on your garage floor by soaking it with this and hosing it off afterwards.
  • Clean kettle and burnt-on pans. Soak it in coke and rinse.
  • Clean toilet bowls with it. Pour the coke and after a few minutes flush it.


This condiment is a delicious partner of fried dishes but it could also help you out on your household chores. Lifehacker unlocks its cleaning abilities such as it restores the shine of your copper and silverware (thanks to its high viscosity). Got wheels? Use it to shine your car and alloys.


According to, toothpaste is a good abrasive that is why it is used to “clean grouts; polish metal; and defog mirrors.”


Another common condiment made it on this list. describes it as white gooey foodstuff that can “clean spills, oil-based paint, food stains off your wooden floors/furniture, and removes certain types of glue.”


It has similar properties to soft drinks. Just pour a packet of lemonade Kool-Aid in the toilet bowl, let it sit for a few minutes and then flush it.


This is the certified thirst quencher and toilet bowl cleaner, too. shares its secret concoction. Pour two cups of it in the commode; leave it for an hour; brush the surface; and flush it.


Burnt-on food spill is an unsightly mess on oven floors and stovetop. Sprinkle salt on the spill and wipe it after.

Coffee Grounds

A household tip from Eliminate odors inside your fridge by putting a bowl of coffee grounds and replace it every two months.

This is another surprising hack from where your pour a cup of mouthwash on a gallon of water, dilute it, then use this to clean your vinyl or tile floors.

Microwaves are difficult to clean but that mess is no match for this citrus fruit. suggests diluting lemon juice and water in a microwave safe bowl, and then run the appliance for about three minutes.


This ingredient is as awesome as baking soda in terms of cleaning. says it “is a wonderful tool for removing both the smell… as well as the stain left behind.” How? Sprinkle it on the stain, let it settle for 24 hours and vacuum.

Surprisingly, the products we’ve mentioned above are as tough as the janitorial supplies in Manila. Its chemical composition can remove stains, polish metals and deodorize your home to make it inviting for guests and cozy for its occupants. It’s quite disturbing though, because we also put these inside our mouths and we even digest them.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Free Internet Use without the Hassle of Using Your Globe Load

In today’s advancement of technology where almost everybody has their own smart phones and almost everyone in the Philippines have their Facebook account or almost know about it, who could have thought that still many of the Filipino people does not have internet connection? Unlike before where the internet is only used by the intelligence in the military, nowadays, the internet is to be considered as one of the basic necessity of a human being. It is used in business transactions, online banking, marketing, research and especially on education.

So, how can you avail free internet services?

To tell you honestly, this is not a hack in getting free globe load, smart load or sun load. In this article I will teach you how to access the internet for free without alternating or cracking any codes in your phones. To get free internet, simply download free basics from the app store.

What is Free Basics App?

Free Basics App or is a browser specially made by Facebook in partnership with Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Nokia and Qualcomm to provide free internet services to less developed countries to get the whole world connected.

It provides people free access to useful services using their smart phones without being charged for the data consumed by the user. Useful contents included are about the following topics: news, employment, education, sports and local information.

Free Basics App is very useful to less privileged families for their education and communication purposes. From the Facebook page, I watched a video there where a little boy and his bigger brother narrates how useful is to them to get in touch to their mother who is working overseas to secure their family’s future.

God bless you Mark Zuckerberg for doing a good deed for the entire population of the Earth!

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

9 Warehouse Functions That Keep Operations Growing

To meet maximum productivity in a warehouse for rent, managers and production staff exert unfailing efforts. Commonly, warehouses for rent are seen to be places where materials and products are stored until the time they are ready to be distributed. Moreover, warehouses are used to effectively protect company’s assets and take proper control over company’s operating cost.

Here is a quick list of warehouse functions that determine the success of the operations.

Loading and unloading

Since customer’s satisfaction is paramount, managers make sure that each product is carefully handled starting from the loading process. Check out this guide on how to load packages in a truck.

Receiving and checking inbound goods

Upon receiving products in a warehouse, they must also be checked. A report must be done indicating the following: date the product was received, whether it is on time or not, the quantity of products and discrepancies (if there are any), if the quality meets the specification, and names of the personnel who performed the checking, to name a few.

Internal product movement

It is specifically important especially if warehouse managers and workers decided to move products to a different place within the warehouse. While doing internal product movement, it is advisable to update the record system else picking and packing notes would be inaccurate.


This is commonly pertained to as the central function of a warehouse but it is more than just about keeping the products or packages in a safe place. Storage must be systematically organized. Upon product storing, put on each an information label. Keep similar items together. This will be helpful especially when there is a need to pick items on delivery. See this on how to effectively organize the storage of inventory.


It is the process of withdrawing items in the inventory to fulfill an order. Labeling and logistic listings can help expedite this process much faster.

Stock rotation

Keeping an information label on all the items is helpful when rotating stocks. Stock rotation is the arranging the oldest items in the inventory for them to be sold before the newer units. It is done to reduce losses especially for items that have expirations.


Like storing, products should be packed properly. Individually, they must be packed with cushioning to ensure that there would be no damage.

Cycle counting

It is a specified process in which products are counted on a specified day. Cycle counting leads to accurate accounting in business. This enables managers to effectively make necessary decisions when it comes to purchasing and dispatching.


This concerns the maintenance of product quantity in a warehouse. Warehouse replenishment is divided into three types: demand, routine and top-off. With demand replenishment, only needed products to fulfill an order or group of orders are picked from the inventory. Routine replenishment, on the other hand, requests more products to be brought in a certain location if it had reached the minimum threshold. While top-off replenishments are attempts to bring the stock back up to satisfactory levels when picking up is less active.

Effectively handling these processes means reduction of product loss. Consequently, there would be a continuous improvement in the operations concerning a warehouse for rent.

Warehouse for Rent

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

3 Courtroom Drama Series that Every Filipino Looking for a New Brand of Suspense should See

Professions like attorney or a lawyer may have their own dangers, mix of controversies, and appeal to the public. They are often portrayed in movies as sly and deceitful individuals who are willing to side with anyone for the principles of what they fight for. Often times, they are seen in a different light but the distinct charisma of attorneys adds flair to a story plot lines. And we cannot deny that this is how Filipinos see attorneys in the Philippines. They may have an air of pretense with the nature of their work but we all know that it takes more than years of education and familiarity with the laws of the land to be an established attorney. So nonetheless they are still seen as respectable figures in our community. You might also be surprised to know that most of our celebrated presidents and politicians are attorneys too.

In Philippine movies, scenes involving court trials add a serious tone to the development of plot lines. It has been a recurring and widely-used plot element in many classic movies and even modern day telenovelas. With the popularity of global streaming providers like iFlix, Hulu, and most recently NetFlix in Philippine territories, foreign courtroom dramas are slowly finding a niche in the taste buds of the Filipino viewers who are into more complex and technical storylines. These include the following series:

Suits (USA Network)

image source:
The plotline of Suit revolves around a very talented college dropout Mike Ross (Patrick J. Adams) who works as an associate to Harvey Specter (Gabriel Macht). The show focuses on the two of them being able to close cases while keeping fact that Mike never really attending law school a secret. The series has received an overall consensus from the watching public even earning an approval rating of 77% on Rotten Tomato. As of the moment, Suits has 5 seasons and 76 episodes. The sixth season is scheduled to premiere in the US on June 29.

The Good Wife (CBS)

image source:
The Good Wife is a highly acclaimed political and legal show that is heavily serialized with many story arcs that carry over several episodes. It stars Julianna Margulies, Josh Charles, Christine Baranski, Matt Czuchry, and Alan Cumming. The series has already won 5 Emmys awards. The seventh season of The Good Wife has started airing last October 4, 2015 and is expected to end on May 8, 2016.

How to Get Away with Murder (ABC)

image source:
As the title suggest, the plotline of the series revolves around how to cover up a murder. Viola Davis plays the role of the highly-acclaimed defense attorney and university professor, Annalise Keating. Together with her five selected student interns Alfred Enoch, Jack Falahee, Aja Naomi King, Matt McGorry and Karla Souza, they defend some of the most controversial cases. The series features flashbacks and flashforward sequence that reveals a piece of information about the murder they are trying to cover up. Currently, How to Get Away with Murder has 2 seasons and 30 episodes.

Sadly, there hasn’t been any major Philippine TV series that has revolved in the technicalities of courtroom dramas. But hey, with the way we see attorneys in the community and with the Filipinos’ craving to see something new on television; maybe someday we will be enjoying the sound of solid litigation over dinner.

Monday, March 28, 2016

5 Steps to Start a Successful Trucking Business

Starting your own business is not as easy as investing money and watch it as it grows. In a business, there are still requirements that needs to be attended and if completed there is still no assurance that you’ll succeed. But with the proper training of skills and leadership qualities, plus perseverance and faith, opportunities would be never ending. And if ever, you’d be successful just repeat the formula that you’ve used and expect your money growing.
So, if you already know what you’re going into and have decided to start a business, maybe you could now start to choose a business that suits you. For me, what I think best suits me is a trucking business. For almost 30 years, father has been a truck driver which helped us to finish college. Now, I want to return him the favor and ask his guidance on starting a successful trucking business in the Philippines.
With 30 years of experience, here are the things that he observed in the business:

Get the right equipment.
A truck is the heart and soul of your company. Purchasing trucks might be the most expensive decision you’ll ever have to face but acquiring the right trucks that suits your business would be the key to succeeding this business.  
Buying the equipment is simply finding a financing company, paying a down payment and pay the rest from the loan. In buying the equipment, consider fuel efficiency, its size, and its daily maintenance.

Get the best customers.
There are limitless opportunities for trucking business because it is vital for business in specially for big online businesses. To get, customers participate on business bazaars, get a website and get it optimized or do the hardcore business approach, call businesses and ask if they need your services.

Know your expenses.
Before starting the business you should know the prices of the following: maintenance, truck repairs, fuel cost and labor.

Run the back office efficiently.
Develop the best process that would run smoothly on your back office. Ensure that the processes are well-thought and is efficient.

Avoid cash flow problems.
In a business, it is just normal to experience cash flow problems once in a while but when this time comes, be sure that you are ready for it.
Regular expenses like: fuel and repairs will eat through your revenues specially if your fleet is working double time and is growing in numbers. That’s why saving your earnings should be prioritized and should be only used for business operation purposes.
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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Graduation more fun with your Smart Load

Graduates roars as they say their goodbyes

On the months of March and April schools mostly held their graduation days. It is the time when schools call it quits with their former students. Students bid their adieu to their soon-to-be former classmates. But on the day of the event, is your smart load ready for your goodbyes?

Goals before graduation

Before thinking of your future plans, having plans with your friends before graduation is also a must-do plan. Communication is the key for a well-organized plan. Having your smart load balance always in check is a sure way to have schedules on point.

Try these, it is worth it:
  • Do be there on the actual event. Not everybody got time to wait for you.
  • Wear a Costume to Class (on a day other than Halloween)
  • Do Karaoke
  • Write an Article for the Campus Paper
  • Recite a Poem at an Open Mic
  • Correct your Professor
  • Do something you’ll likely get Rejected from
  • Get a Grade Change
  • Take a Quarter, Semester, or Year off
  • And so much more.

Doing these is more fun with an activated smart load promo sharing your everyday happenings would alert your other friends who have other things to do better than to go with the gang. With the availed promo you could freely upload photos on Instagram. Tweet every experience you had with your peers. Spontaneously call your friends and have them over for a sleep over. Even message them just to say you remember them. Post photos of your adventures let others see what they are missing and invite them as well, the more the merrier, right? Doing fun things should not be limited with what you have but creatively working on it, I guess, sky is the limit.

Hoping for more adventures for you and your friends. Just do remember to check for your smart load balance. You’ll never know maybe something good is about to happen. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

Basic Facts about Boats

The boat is one of the oldest type of transportation known that still exists today. In fact, the oldest type of boat was created on the 8,000 B.C. and was called “Pesse Canoe”. It was about 10 feet long made up of a log cut into half and made it into a Canoe.

Even though boats are used for a long time, the Eqyptians were the first to take credit for creating sailboats, it does not use paddle to stroll into the sea but it uses a large cloth which catches the wind which causes the boat to move. For thousand of years, boats have been the fastest boats that was created until 1880s where fuel powered boats were created.

Nowadays, we now have different kinds of boats. We have racing boats, sail boats, kayaks, yachts, catamaran, motorboats, canoes and many more.

How do boats float?


Boats are huge and heavy not including all the loads that comes with it. But how does a boat float? The answer’s simple. Buoyancy!

According to the Wikipedia, Buoyancy is the upward force exerted by a fluid that opposes the weight of an immersed object. For more info about buoyancy, follow this link.

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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Load Me Na, the Best Sun Load, Globe Load and Smart Loading Station

Having problems loading your prepaid sim? Getting tired on countless walks just to have load? Worry not, Load Me Na’s here!

What is Load Me Na?
Load Me Na is an easy to use online platform which gives you access to loading all network providers namely: Sun load, Globe load and Smart load plus Level up Games loads as well. It is a one stop shop to all your loading needs. Also, with Load Me Na you can also take advantage of its free sms platform which you can take advantage of. Just type the number of the recipient and your number as the sender. Select the country in which the receiver will send the message. Type your message, then press send.  

Easy Paying Option
With Load Me Na, experience hassle free payment options. You can pay via Megalink, Debit Cards, Paypal or even from your own reward points. If ever you would have problems with this, you can seek help from our Live Help.

If you need further help, you can reach us on their website: and through their fb page:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Iflix, Now Available in the Philippines Through SMART-PLDT

Last week, finding TV series episodes of my newly favorite American TV Series “Mr. Robot” was very difficult. I watched and have downloaded all of the episodes on season 1 but can’t get a clear copy of Season 2’s episode 4. I really enjoyed the whole TV series because it was really good, full of twists and it really kept me thinking about what would happen next after watching episode 3 of Season 2. I was really excited until the site that I usually used to download was closed and now finding myself lost and desperate to get a copy. Fortunately, I found this:

Woah! WTF! FTW! Wait… Wait… What’s this?! Is this really the answer to all of my problems?!  Am I dreaming? Wake me up dude! It’s like an answered prayer! Watching TV series without hassle? Oh’ come on! But yes, it’s a reality because of Iflix.

So, what’s iflix?

Iflix is Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service provider. It boasts of the largest database of the world’s top TV series and movies having partnership with over 60 of the world’s leading TV Networks and Movie producers. Some of their partners are MGM, Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, Fox, CBS and BBC.

Is iflix available in  the Philippines? How can I avail subscription?

Iflix originated from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aside from Malaysia, it is also distributed to Thailand and the Philippines. Yes, you read it right, it is available in the Philippines. Through SMART-PLDT’s investment of about $15 million, 70 million subscribers of Smart, PLDT Home, Sun and TNT can enjoy a thousand of hours of TV shows and movies through Iflix.

Started just last mid of December, a free 3-month iflix subscription will be given to all Smart load, Sun and TNT subscribers. For, PLDT Home subscribers, a free 12 months iflix subscription will be given for free.

For more info, you can visit their site directly:

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Manny Pacquiao’s Yacht, A Dream Come True

One of my dreams when I was a kid was to have luxurious things like a big house, a car, a big bike, and of course owning a yacht someday. I know some of the things listed above can be achievable a big house, car and big bike can be worked on someday but owning a yacht? Come on! Having it would simply be just a dream but would only be possible if I can be someone super famous product endorser, a tv show host, an NBA player or even a boxing superstar.

Here in the Philippines, there are only a few I know who’s been able to afford such a luxurious ship: one is Willie Revillame and the other is the world’s “8 Division Boxing Title Holder” Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao’s yacht was said to be Italian made which is worth P25 Million. It was named as “Sarangani’s Pride” and was given to his wife Jinkee Pacquiao and his family as a birthday present.

If you want to see how his yacht looks like inside and out, you can check this video below:

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Monday, January 11, 2016


Philippine Attorneys have a certain unique charm to them. Being an attorney holds a reputation of having high intellect, poise, and presence. It is not an easy job and it requires good analytical skills, researching skills, excellent deducing skills, and logical thinking ability. Interpersonal skills, communication and mastery of the written and spoken language are also other skills that an attorney should have. It is not a career for those who have a weak heart or are not willing to get their hands dirty. They are often under great pressure and are stressed due to the cases that they are handling. Some of these cases can be really controversial, critical, may affect several lives, and can make them susceptible to danger and threats. In addition, the 1984 Philippine Constitution can be really tricky to interpret.

We may all have an idea how difficult this occupation can get. Starting off from the tedious education years they need to go through and the volumes and volumes of books they need to study as students to get a degree in law. There is the nerve-wracking bar examinations that they need to pass to be able to practice as licensed attorneys. Even after passing the exam, it is also hard to get into a decent law firm. These are just some of the struggles that an aspiring Philippine attorney need to go through. It can be overkill if we think about it closely but these struggles are some of the factors that contribute to the prestige of being a Philippine attorney. We may say that this career is worth the troubles considering it could be a well-paying job.

But not everyone stays in the career path of practicing law. More often and similar to graduates of other courses, law graduates are forced explore other fields other than being an attorney due to the changing demand of employment. Some of them would resort on taking up posts in certain corporations as a part of their legal department; some in completely unrelated field. And some use their legal knowledge or experience as an attorney to run for public office. You may not be surprised to know that some of the most celebrated Filipino politicians are graduates of law or have previously been Philippine attorneys. 

To name a few, here is a short list including the University from which they graduated from:

  • Manuel Roxas Manuel A. Roxas - 1st President of the 3rd Philippine Republictopped the 1913 Bar Exam (University of the Philippines)
image source:
  • Diosdado P. Macapagal - 5th President of the 3rd Philippine Republic; topped the 1936 Bar Exams (University of Santo Tomas)
  • Ferdinand E. Marcos - 6th President of the 3rd Philippine Republic; topped the 1939 Bar Exams Bar Exam (University of the Philippines)
  • Jose P. Laurel - President of the 2nd Philippine Republic; 2nd placer, 1915 Bar Exams (University of the Philippines)
  • Elpidio C. Quirino - 2nd President of the 3rd Philippine Republic; 2nd placer, 1915 Bar Exams (University of the Philippines)
  • Sergio S. OsmeƱa - 2nd President of the Philippine Commonwealth; 2nd placer, 1903 Bar Exams (University of Santo Tomas)
  • Manuel L. Quezon - 1st President of the Philippine Commonwealth; 4th placer, 1903 Bar Exams (University of Santo Tomas)

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