Sunday, August 7, 2016

Top 10 Interesting Facts about Trucks

Trucking businesses here in the Philippines are not as popular as the trucking businesses in the US, well I’m not as sure as hell with it but upon searching the internet, only facts about US trucking industry appears through the search results.

Regardless of the results, here are some of the interesting facts about trucks:
  • An 18-wheeler truck is also called semi truck.
  • An 80,000 semi-trailer truck weighs 20 to 30 times more than a car.
  • A semi-trailer truck has a 55 degrees turning radius.
  • Most semi-trailer trucks tires are not supposed to exceed 75 mph.
  • The length of time needed for a truck to stop is 40% greater than cars.
  • Semi-trailer trucks are generally 53 feet long.
  • Semi-engines of trailer trucks can hold up to approximately 15 gallons of fuel.
  • Semi-engines are designed to perform non-stop.
  • In the Philippine economy, vehicle sales were above 300,000 where trucks where a part of 26,979 units sold, an 80% increase of the units sold in 2014.

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  1. The fact: Semi-trailer trucks are generally 53 feet long. Is incorrect. A Semi-Trailer is generally 53' long, not including the tractor.