Friday, July 29, 2016

How to Fine-Tune Your Social Accounts for Mobile Users

Your company had conducted an exhaustive and rigorous social media analysis and had tuned in into different channels. Social media moderation has never been off your radar as well. You’ve done your homework. You have been hovering like a hawk on your laptop to monitor your tweets, shares and likes for so long, you’ve forgotten the tiny gadget in your pocket.

We’re referring to your smartphone. The small rectangular device that an average user checks 85 times a day, according to Daily Mail. Why does it have anything to do with your brand promotion and selling?

Ever heard of social media mobile marketing where, according to, “68% of companies have used it as a part of their overall marketing strategy”?

Have you checked your company’s social accounts on your mobile phone? What does it look like? Is the mobile experience of your audience with your brand gains rave reviews? Did you know that “57% of users say they won’t recommend a business with a poorly designed mobile site”?

Could your mobile presence reach about 2.1 billion smartphone users worldwide?

This figure is based on eMarketer as shown in the image below:

Smartphone has been likened to a digital “Swiss Army knife” of this modern age, Time says. The common activities we can do with this small gadget are accessing emails, text messaging, internet search, social networking, getting news alerts, playing games, listening to music, reading, watching videos or movies and even getting directions, according to MarketingCharts. No wonder we can’t live without it. A piece of device that has been integrating itself into our waking lives and haunts us awake just as we’re about to sleep.

Businesses should take advantage of this immensely. So, how do you fine-tune your social accounts to be mobile-friendly?

Fact Check: As of the last quarter of 2015, the mobile-only monthly active users of Facebook were 823 million. -VentureBeat

Fine-tune it by:

The leading social networking site had been adaptive for business ever since. They also made sure it can be accessible via mobile:
  • Use call-to-action buttons like this:


image-url: Source:

Here is a short tutorial from their site.
  • Add one or two new pages on your profile such as the Shop section (retail businesses) and the Service section.
  • In a blog on Mashable, it tells us that Facebook is planning to put ads on their Messenger app. Sweet, right?
Fact Check: It has 83% active users on mobile. -Twitter

Fine-tune it by:

Engage with your followers real-time and keep them updated with your latest promos and offerings. Here are a few nuggets of advice:

  • Make your tweets searchable on by using keywords relevant to your business.
  • Use Twitter app cards to promote your brand on mobile, advised by Social Media Week.
  • You can posts tweets via text messaging by doing these steps. Even without data, you can do business via Twitter!

Fact Check: The average number of mobile YouTube video views per day is 1 billion. –Statistic Brain

Fine-tune it by:

It seems internet users today are hungrier for visual content and marketers are getting caught up with this trend. In fact, based on an infographic by, “65% of consumers watched videos longer than 30 minutes.” How can your business join in the bandwagon?
  • Use Bumper ads. TechCrunch defines it as “video ads that are only six seconds long and better-suited for smartphone video watchers.” It is quite challenging for the content creators, though.
  • YouTube also introduced ‘Shopping ads’. Businesses can advertise their products directly on the video by clicking the info icon on the upper right corner. 

  • Optimize your videos to be responsive to smartphones by applying this simple trick.

Fact Check: “Over a third of Instagram users have used their mobile to purchase a product online. -Brandwatch

Fine-tune it by:

The power of virtual storytelling is evident on Instagram and every company has its own story to tell. But how can it be utilized for business? Social Media Examiner suggests the following:
  • If social media moderation is not enough, you can use trackable links instead of posting the full URL of your website to track traffic by shortening it using Bitly or
  • Showcase your products and services through the images and videos you upload.
  • Use 10-15 hashtags. This is appropriate because, as stated on the site, “this will help increase your reach, engagement, and overall visibility.”
By applying these techniques, you can adapt your company’s social channels into mobile technology almost seamlessly. Indeed, social media plus mobile marketing is a powerful combination; it’s just a question of how far you’ll push the envelope to reach your customers.


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