Sunday, December 20, 2015

This is a Season for House Cleaning

This holiday season, let us take a break from discussing the intricacies of quality control inspectionsoftware. It is a time for holiday shopping, gift-giving, mouthwatering feasts, parties, family reunions and – year-end cleaning. Yup, there is no way we could escape this daunting task. Before we switch to a festive mood, our homes must be prepped up to make it more presentable and more inviting.

This is just a friendly reminder from us though. The final decision is still up to you; either you want a home which is refreshing and clean or messy and stinky. If you want the former, we would gladly be of help by giving you tips straight from the experts of house cleaning. Consider this as a holiday gift from us. While you busy yourselves in preparing a wish list, we will help you on your cleaning list. Read on:

Jot down all you need     

Never fight grime and dirt ill-prepared. Check your supplies and write down what you need on a piece of paper. You may or may not include this on your Christmas shopping. Schedule this ahead, before you decorate for the holidays. You may check this site if you’re clueless what to buy.

Create a cleaning checklist

Now, that your cleaning supplies are complete, next is to plot out your battle plan. You’ll never finish a single task or a single room if you go around on circles. Strategize your every move to maximize your time. April Lanes Cleaning pointed this out, “Not only does the process of preparation ensure that you’re more efficient and on track to get everything clean, but it also gives you a big picture view of all that you have to do.”

Schedule it and stick to it

In professional cleaning, custodians use quality control inspection software where all their cleaning tasks are listed. It also has a time indicated when they must begin each task. This is to ensure all the tasks assigned to them are covered and monitored. As says, “schedule the job and stick to it to get the work done in record time.”


Just imagine the amount of junk you’ve accumulated (hoarded?) this year. Let your house breathe not just this Christmas season but before a new calendar year enters. Remove the unnecessary items that could prevent you from dusting and wiping a certain area. How will you know what stuff must go? When an item is broken, not usable or you don’t need it anymore.  Its rightful place is in the trash bin. Pick up before you clean.

Devise a system or method

You’ve got your cleaning checklist? Good. Another tip from is to “scour each room [from] top to bottom, so you’re catching dust as it falls.” You have to start sweeping the floor again if you dust off the ceiling or wall last – such a waste of time.

Carry a cleaning caddy

What will you do with a cleaning caddy? Cut your cleaning time by gathering all the supplies you need in one go. Don’t make a trip to the supply closet or cabinet to get each item you need. “…pros make sure all of our best products are right at our fingertips,” says Melissa Homer of MaidPro on Work like a pro, clean like a pro.

Put on a cleaning uniform

You don’t have to wear a complete one, from the head to foot. Just put on a mask and a pair of gloves for protection. Wear the oldest clothes you have because cleaning is a dirty chore. If you’re comfortable wearing eye protection, all the better.

Plug in the stereo to set the mood

          This is a cool advice from “Use appropriate motivators to energize cleaning sessions. Play upbeat music for an energy boost. Bookworms look forward to cleaning when a book-on-tape plays in the iPod.”

Make it a family activity!

          Yes, mom, the key here is to delegate. Don’t be a one-army team, gather all your troops or rather your family. In this way, house cleaning gets done in a breeze. “Family members are more reluctant to mess up a clean house when they have been part of the effort!” says Uh-huh…

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Thursday, December 17, 2015

Top 3 Cause of Fire - beware!

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It is not enough that you have fire insurance policy to protect yourself from fire.  Be reminded that fire insurance is a specialized form of insurance beyond property insurance that is designed to cover the cost or replacement, reconstruction or repair damages to a property caused by a fire. It is not a preventive action but rather an action after the fire took place. You can check put more here.
As we said above, insurance is not a preventive action. To help you out preventing fire, here are the top causes of this hot disaster that you must be aware of.

Appliances and equipment

Cooking has long been the leading cause of home fires as well as one of the leading causes of fire deaths. Be careful of that Liquefied Petroleum Gas that you are using for cooking, for they may explode if have leak or left unattended. If you are using electrical stoves, be mindful also; unplug the appliance when not in use. These are the basic things to do – unplug and don’t leave unattended.


Unattended candles ranked second on major causes of fire. Based on US Fire department reports, in the span of 2009 to 2013, they responded to an average of 9,300 house fires that were started from candles each year. That was from US alone, which is a rich country, how much more on poorer countries?

Be careful and don’t leave those candles unattended. Also keep these away from children. These are not toys.


Electrical fire is a fire involving some type of electrical failure or malfunction. All equipment that is powered or have electricity can have such electrical power and failure. So you must better to check out your electrical lines often. Look for damaged cables, switches and outlets. Fire can start from there. See this blog for more details on electrical safety.

Prevention is better than anything else. Yes it is good to be insured but it is not good if a disaster come that will put your hopes and investment down. Be insured but be also preventive. Only natural disasters are not preventable but we can also prepare for them. Knows these 3 fire causes, prevent this and get insurance.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Romantic Yacht Cruise on Manila Bay, Now on Sale

Have you ever experienced cruising with your loved one? It seems to be early to celebrate the love month but still the “romantic feels” of being with your special someone on a yacht while seeing the sun set, holding hands and professing love with each other is a memory that you can cherish the rest of your lives.

 Instead of paying P3500 per person, you’ll get this once in a lifetime promo for only P333 on Metro Deal. With the P333 you’re shelling out, you’ll get to experience a luxurious cruise along Manila Bay with the picturesque view of the Manila Skyline, MOA and Solaire. Included in this package are sandwiches with drinks.

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Preparing A New Home: Before Unloading the Lipat Bahay Truck for Rent

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Finally! You have finished unloading your furniture and appliances from the rented lipat bahay truck. With a list on your hand and boxes labeled properly, you surely have a stress-free lipat bahay experience, right?

Well, it’s time to unravel those big boxes, and having it labeled properly is a great help to organizing rooms. However, it is not only the appliances nor the furniture you need to prepare when moving to a new home. Preparing your brand new home beforehand is just as important as finding the right lipat bahay truck for rent to secure your things and appliances while on the road.

Check the installations

Whether you got a newly built home or have bought a second-hand house, you need to take utmost consideration of its wiring and installation. It is important to check if the electrical wiring is in good condition. While checking for your home’s electrical wirings beforehand, you would be able to apply needed adjustments and do necessary fixes.

By checking your new home’s electrical installations, you save yourself for possible shortages in the future and you get to properly layout your appliances and other electronics.

Check the building structure

If you have decided to build your own home in a lot you’ve bought, it would be advisable to carefully choose your contractor. Make sure that the materials to be used are of good quality. On the other hand, if you are going to buy a finished house, be sure to check if it has good foundation. Also check other important peripherals like the roofs, doors and windows. Wherever there is a need for repairs, checking the whole house beforehand would save you from stress of having your furniture rotten because of rainwater coming from the broken rooftop or incurring additional damages because of faulty fixtures—you don’t want that terrace barrier collapsing while you’re there, do you?

Identify emergency exits

Know your new home well. Check for all the possible emergency exits, not only within your home but also the alternative routes in and out of your new community. Knowing where to exit during unwanted times of emergency or disaster like fires might mean the difference between life and death. In addition, checking the streets at least a few days before moving in will let you decide if you’re going to rent a lipat bahay truck or a smaller vehicle instead.

Clean the whole house

Unless you actually want to move into a dirty house, you won’t need to clean. But as long as you’re, like most everyone else, like living clean, it is advisable to give your new home some sweeping and moping before moving in and putting furniture and appliances in place. Cleaning the whole house without the furniture is much easier, right? In addition, you would be able to have a real fresh start in your new home with the clean surrounding.

And because you were able to prepare your new home properly, and got your furniture and appliances safe with the lipat bahay truck you have rented, it is the time for you to prepare yourself for the changes that’ll come. Having a new home’s like having a fresh start so make this fresh start well planned. 

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Thursday, December 10, 2015

Things To Do With your Christmas Bonus the Accountant’s Way

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December is the most awaited and the most special month of the year for the working sector. Yes, because it is the birthday of our one and only savior Jesus Christ, it is a season of gift giving, big family reunions, endless Christmas parties and of course the 13th month pay.

But to tell you, many Filipinos are not properly allocating their 13th month bonuses the right way. Most of us are using it to buy the things we want but not the things we need.

So, what can you do with your 13th month pay, so that it can be used fruitfully? How do financial advisers and famous accountants budget their money

Here are some of the viable tips that might help you:

Pay your Debt

Since you have money that is more than what you are earning monthly on a regular basis, I think this is the right time to set aside a portion of your 13th month to pay on decreasing your debts. Though it is not advisable to pay all your debts all at once, you’ll definitely feel less burdened afterwards. 

Know the Difference of Needs and Wants

So, what do I mean by wants and needs here?

Wants are those things that we really want to buy but is not necessary to buy. Those are luxurious items that we have been craving for like new smart phones, latest gaming console (PS4)/games, a mountain bike, new car and many more.

Needs, these are the things that we cannot live without. It is the basic necessities of human namely: food, shelter and clothing. Yes, these are the basic necessities but it can also be considered as a type of luxury in some scenarios. Example, if you are a student with an allowance of 100 pesos and a packed lunch. During your lunch break you have an option to eat your packed lunch and save your money or eat your packed lunch and buy something that can increase your appetite, what would you choose? For me, both are healthy options but option A is the more budget friendly while option B is more inclined to luxury.


For as low as P5000, you can start your own investment right away that can even grow at a minimum 7% increase annually. Let your money work for you, don’t wait for another year or make a delay to reach your financial freedom. Read about long term investing and let time grow your money while adding a small amount to your initial investment little by little.


Christmas is the spirit of gift giving. Why not try setting aside a small part of your 13th month bonus on charities or do tithing. As the bible says on 2 Corinthians 9:6-7, “The point is this: whoever sows sparingly will also reap sparingly, and whoever sows bountifully will also reap bountifully. Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver.” 

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Make CLAY GO A Habit

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CLAY GO (Clean As You Go) Campaign are being rolled out in different schools for quite a while. School and office management, as well as event organizers, have been encouraging everyone to practice this simple rule.

While some of us are still denying it, we have been really dependent on the school or office janitors and their janitorial supplies in Manila for quite a long time. To keep us reminded though, cleanliness is really an important thing every one of us should consider, always. And when there are a lot of individuals who would take this irresponsibly, eventually Earth will suffer and so with us, people, living here.

As stewards of life, people should know how irresponsible deeds lead to destruction. Flood and pollution are but just some of the first indication of people’s irresponsibility. Simultaneous with sending a candy wrapper flying off the road, the government has been formulating a couple of rules, regulations, and campaigns to promote cleanliness in our country.

One of these is the Anti-Littering Law or MMDA Regulation No. 96-009. The law is about prohibiting throwing of any trash and garbage in open and public places. Prohibited acts include littering, urinating, illegal dumping, spitting in public place, scattering, and illegal posting, among others. In addition, there is a penalty for individuals who refuse to obey the law varying from paying a monetary fine of 500-1000Php and rendering eight to sixteen hours of community service.

To illustrate how much cleanliness can make a difference, flooding in the Philippines is made worse by unclean surrounding. Garbage thrown away improperly blocks drainage systems, resulting to flood which causes water-borne diseases. The scenario seems to be a cycle where the garbage you have thrown improperly comes back to bite you hard.  Pollution is another fruit of uncleanliness. Improper disposal of garbage ruins water and air significantly.

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Today, there are still a lot of garbage you’d see parading the streets of the Metro. Maybe the law is not being implemented properly. Hopefully, the CLAY GO Campaign in schools could be a simple and effective practice that the future generation takes through to growing up. CLAY GO could be practiced at homes, schools and offices. It could eventually be brought out to streets and other public places. It’s a great thing, to have helped in fighting bigger environmental problems without just depend on street sweeps with their brooms, custodians with their pails and mops, and janitors with their janitorial supplies