Thursday, January 21, 2016

Load Me Na, the Best Sun Load, Globe Load and Smart Loading Station

Having problems loading your prepaid sim? Getting tired on countless walks just to have load? Worry not, Load Me Na’s here!

What is Load Me Na?
Load Me Na is an easy to use online platform which gives you access to loading all network providers namely: Sun load, Globe load and Smart load plus Level up Games loads as well. It is a one stop shop to all your loading needs. Also, with Load Me Na you can also take advantage of its free sms platform which you can take advantage of. Just type the number of the recipient and your number as the sender. Select the country in which the receiver will send the message. Type your message, then press send.  

Easy Paying Option
With Load Me Na, experience hassle free payment options. You can pay via Megalink, Debit Cards, Paypal or even from your own reward points. If ever you would have problems with this, you can seek help from our Live Help.

If you need further help, you can reach us on their website: and through their fb page:

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