Friday, June 16, 2017

5 Signs You Need to Have Jacket Crown

Dental crown, or jacket crown, is a tooth-shaped cap used to cover a tooth. This dental procedure is performed to restore strength, shape and size of the tooth as well as improve its appearance. If you are unsure whether you are a good candidate for dental crowning in the Philippines, here are some signs that you need to undergo the procedure:

  • Root Canal. When root canal treatment is done, the tooth becomes hollowed out and becomes prone to fracturing. This is where a dental crown comes in: it strengthens the tooth and prevents it from future cracking.
  • Chipped or Broken Tooth. Are you holding back your smile for years because of chipped or broken tooth? Don’t hold back for long because dental crown is the answer to your problem. Thanks to jacket crown, you can restore that old beam and even make it the perfect killer smile celebrities in the Philippines are known for.
  • Large Filling. If half the width of your tooth has cavity or is fractured, a crown is already needed. This is because large filling tends to make the tooth weaker. When there isn’t a lot of tooth left, dental crown will support and cover the remaining parts, preventing further damage.
  • Broken cusps. Sometimes, cusps break off the tooth as they take most stress as you chew. The breakage can even lead all the way to the bone so dental crowning is needed to cover the tooth and prevent it from fracturing.
  • Undesirable teeth appearance. If your teeth have gaps, are misshapen or are severely discolored, you might want to have dental crowning performed on you. Dental crowns do not only restore but it also improves the overall aesthetic of your teeth, giving a beautiful and natural look.
Do you have any of the signs mentioned above? If yes, then you are a good candidate to have the jacket crown treatment performed on you. However, it is still best to consult your dentist in the Philippines on whether the procedure is really suitable for your dental dilemma.


Thursday, June 8, 2017

3 Important Sources About Going Solar

Since Solar Power was introduced in the Philippines, many homeowners have been going crazy about it. Many have been curious how much does it really cost and how much electricity does it save. Me too, have been curious about as one of a rent to own house and lot in Metro Manila is armed with eco-friendly devices.

Upon searching the internet on how much does Solar saves us money, I have found some helpful articles online on Going Solar:

1.) One article from Rappler featured Mr. Mike De Guzman. For 8 months, his paying an average of P24,000 per month in electricity bills. After going Solar, his bill halved to P12,000 and even P9,000 on months with good amount of heat.

2.) For his Solar Panel system, he spent almost P500,000 in which he said would be paid in just 3 years time. By the way, he also uses net metering which enables him to go Solar in daytime and MERALCO at night. Excess electricity reserves are being sold to MERALCO and the kw/hr price is deducted to the next bill.

3.) "How much space do I need to install solar panels? How long does it usually take to install Solar Panels? Will the Solar Panel work with my House?” On this site, majority of your questions on going Solar would be answered.

4.)Want to go Solar? If you are a DIY guy who is interested in experimenting on things, maybe this guide can help you.

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

How does Digital TV Differ from Analog TV

Digital TV Philippines

Since Analog TV was discovered in the late 1930s, many developments have been applied to the old black and white TV. Since that discovery, life has been enjoyable, advertisements have been easier for businesses and many of its uses have contributed to help mankind for its everyday living. Today, digital TV is slowly being introduced to the world and the transition from Analog to Digital TV in the Philippines is now in place but the question why are we in a hurry for this transition? How does Analog differ from Digital TV?

Monday, January 23, 2017

The Truth About Tooth Decay in Children

So you think a decayed baby tooth falling out prematurely isn’t a big deal? You immediately dismiss the case since you believe baby teeth are just temporary, and they will eventually be replaced with grown-up teeth. While the second statement is true, the first one is a common misconception among parents that you should get demystified of.

The truth is baby teeth serve as an important guide in the positioning of permanent teeth. If they fall out unnaturally, it can cause your kid’s permanent teeth to grow crooked or crowded. If left untreated, deep infection can also lead to malformation and discoloration of the grown-up teeth which would need an expensive orthodontic work from your pediatric dentist in Manila.

Teeth decay, aka cavity and dental caries, might seem like a minor problem at first, but it can greatly affect the health and performance of your child. In fact, a study conducted by the American Journal of Public Health in 2012 showed that elementary and high school students with toothache were four times more likely to have a below-average GPA than those who didn’t experience the pain. Also, they were six times more likely to miss school, while their parents are four times more likely to miss work because of their kids’ dental problems.

According to Los Angeles-based pediatric dentist and American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) President Robert Delarosa, DDS, losing teeth prematurely due to cavity can affect children’s speech development and articulation. Worse, affected children may even avoid conversation and other non-verbal expressions such as smiling and laughing just to hide their teeth.

The abovementioned problems only show how tooth decay should not be treated lightly. However, you need not have to worry because this dental issue can be totally prevented. The first and foremost step to do this is by identifying and understanding its causes.

When bacteria invade your kid’s mouth and start to eat away the primary teeth, tooth decay happens. These bacteria freely enter the mouth when your kid fails to brush his teeth regularly, and when there is inadequate dental care from his pediatric dentist in Manila. Unhealthy eating habits like sucking on sweets for a long time also causes cavity.

Aside from those, bacteria also breed when your kid goes to bed with a bottle. According to AAPD, the milk or juice from the bottle stays in your child’s mouth, allowing bacteria to form as he sleeps. This particular condition is called baby bottle tooth decay.

Having said that, you can check out the following preventive measures to ensure your kid won’t fall victim to this painful dental experience.
  • Avoid sharing of spoons and other utensils
  • Fill sippy cups with water only
  • Refrain from sleeping with bottles
  • Regularly brush teeth after meals
  • Snack smart; limit candy and finish sweets and drinks immediately
  • Use fluoride toothpaste over non-fluoridated “training toothpaste”
  • Visit the pediatric dentist in Manila by your kid’s first birthday
With the truth about tooth decay revealed, you should never see the dental problem as a minor concern again. Take the preventive measures mentioned above and protect your kid from the immense pain this dental caries brings.a