Friday, June 16, 2017

5 Signs You Need to Have Jacket Crown

Dental crown, or jacket crown, is a tooth-shaped cap used to cover a tooth. This dental procedure is performed to restore strength, shape and size of the tooth as well as improve its appearance. If you are unsure whether you are a good candidate for dental crowning in the Philippines, here are some signs that you need to undergo the procedure:

  • Root Canal. When root canal treatment is done, the tooth becomes hollowed out and becomes prone to fracturing. This is where a dental crown comes in: it strengthens the tooth and prevents it from future cracking.
  • Chipped or Broken Tooth. Are you holding back your smile for years because of chipped or broken tooth? Don’t hold back for long because dental crown is the answer to your problem. Thanks to jacket crown, you can restore that old beam and even make it the perfect killer smile celebrities in the Philippines are known for.
  • Large Filling. If half the width of your tooth has cavity or is fractured, a crown is already needed. This is because large filling tends to make the tooth weaker. When there isn’t a lot of tooth left, dental crown will support and cover the remaining parts, preventing further damage.
  • Broken cusps. Sometimes, cusps break off the tooth as they take most stress as you chew. The breakage can even lead all the way to the bone so dental crowning is needed to cover the tooth and prevent it from fracturing.
  • Undesirable teeth appearance. If your teeth have gaps, are misshapen or are severely discolored, you might want to have dental crowning performed on you. Dental crowns do not only restore but it also improves the overall aesthetic of your teeth, giving a beautiful and natural look.
Do you have any of the signs mentioned above? If yes, then you are a good candidate to have the jacket crown treatment performed on you. However, it is still best to consult your dentist in the Philippines on whether the procedure is really suitable for your dental dilemma.



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