Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Make CLAY GO A Habit

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CLAY GO (Clean As You Go) Campaign are being rolled out in different schools for quite a while. School and office management, as well as event organizers, have been encouraging everyone to practice this simple rule.

While some of us are still denying it, we have been really dependent on the school or office janitors and their janitorial supplies in Manila for quite a long time. To keep us reminded though, cleanliness is really an important thing every one of us should consider, always. And when there are a lot of individuals who would take this irresponsibly, eventually Earth will suffer and so with us, people, living here.

As stewards of life, people should know how irresponsible deeds lead to destruction. Flood and pollution are but just some of the first indication of people’s irresponsibility. Simultaneous with sending a candy wrapper flying off the road, the government has been formulating a couple of rules, regulations, and campaigns to promote cleanliness in our country.

One of these is the Anti-Littering Law or MMDA Regulation No. 96-009. The law is about prohibiting throwing of any trash and garbage in open and public places. Prohibited acts include littering, urinating, illegal dumping, spitting in public place, scattering, and illegal posting, among others. In addition, there is a penalty for individuals who refuse to obey the law varying from paying a monetary fine of 500-1000Php and rendering eight to sixteen hours of community service.

To illustrate how much cleanliness can make a difference, flooding in the Philippines is made worse by unclean surrounding. Garbage thrown away improperly blocks drainage systems, resulting to flood which causes water-borne diseases. The scenario seems to be a cycle where the garbage you have thrown improperly comes back to bite you hard.  Pollution is another fruit of uncleanliness. Improper disposal of garbage ruins water and air significantly.

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Today, there are still a lot of garbage you’d see parading the streets of the Metro. Maybe the law is not being implemented properly. Hopefully, the CLAY GO Campaign in schools could be a simple and effective practice that the future generation takes through to growing up. CLAY GO could be practiced at homes, schools and offices. It could eventually be brought out to streets and other public places. It’s a great thing, to have helped in fighting bigger environmental problems without just depend on street sweeps with their brooms, custodians with their pails and mops, and janitors with their janitorial supplies


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