Sunday, December 20, 2015

This is a Season for House Cleaning

This holiday season, let us take a break from discussing the intricacies of quality control inspectionsoftware. It is a time for holiday shopping, gift-giving, mouthwatering feasts, parties, family reunions and – year-end cleaning. Yup, there is no way we could escape this daunting task. Before we switch to a festive mood, our homes must be prepped up to make it more presentable and more inviting.

This is just a friendly reminder from us though. The final decision is still up to you; either you want a home which is refreshing and clean or messy and stinky. If you want the former, we would gladly be of help by giving you tips straight from the experts of house cleaning. Consider this as a holiday gift from us. While you busy yourselves in preparing a wish list, we will help you on your cleaning list. Read on:

Jot down all you need     

Never fight grime and dirt ill-prepared. Check your supplies and write down what you need on a piece of paper. You may or may not include this on your Christmas shopping. Schedule this ahead, before you decorate for the holidays. You may check this site if you’re clueless what to buy.

Create a cleaning checklist

Now, that your cleaning supplies are complete, next is to plot out your battle plan. You’ll never finish a single task or a single room if you go around on circles. Strategize your every move to maximize your time. April Lanes Cleaning pointed this out, “Not only does the process of preparation ensure that you’re more efficient and on track to get everything clean, but it also gives you a big picture view of all that you have to do.”

Schedule it and stick to it

In professional cleaning, custodians use quality control inspection software where all their cleaning tasks are listed. It also has a time indicated when they must begin each task. This is to ensure all the tasks assigned to them are covered and monitored. As says, “schedule the job and stick to it to get the work done in record time.”


Just imagine the amount of junk you’ve accumulated (hoarded?) this year. Let your house breathe not just this Christmas season but before a new calendar year enters. Remove the unnecessary items that could prevent you from dusting and wiping a certain area. How will you know what stuff must go? When an item is broken, not usable or you don’t need it anymore.  Its rightful place is in the trash bin. Pick up before you clean.

Devise a system or method

You’ve got your cleaning checklist? Good. Another tip from is to “scour each room [from] top to bottom, so you’re catching dust as it falls.” You have to start sweeping the floor again if you dust off the ceiling or wall last – such a waste of time.

Carry a cleaning caddy

What will you do with a cleaning caddy? Cut your cleaning time by gathering all the supplies you need in one go. Don’t make a trip to the supply closet or cabinet to get each item you need. “…pros make sure all of our best products are right at our fingertips,” says Melissa Homer of MaidPro on Work like a pro, clean like a pro.

Put on a cleaning uniform

You don’t have to wear a complete one, from the head to foot. Just put on a mask and a pair of gloves for protection. Wear the oldest clothes you have because cleaning is a dirty chore. If you’re comfortable wearing eye protection, all the better.

Plug in the stereo to set the mood

          This is a cool advice from “Use appropriate motivators to energize cleaning sessions. Play upbeat music for an energy boost. Bookworms look forward to cleaning when a book-on-tape plays in the iPod.”

Make it a family activity!

          Yes, mom, the key here is to delegate. Don’t be a one-army team, gather all your troops or rather your family. In this way, house cleaning gets done in a breeze. “Family members are more reluctant to mess up a clean house when they have been part of the effort!” says Uh-huh…

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