Friday, May 13, 2016

Free Internet Use without the Hassle of Using Your Globe Load

In today’s advancement of technology where almost everybody has their own smart phones and almost everyone in the Philippines have their Facebook account or almost know about it, who could have thought that still many of the Filipino people does not have internet connection? Unlike before where the internet is only used by the intelligence in the military, nowadays, the internet is to be considered as one of the basic necessity of a human being. It is used in business transactions, online banking, marketing, research and especially on education.

So, how can you avail free internet services?

To tell you honestly, this is not a hack in getting free globe load, smart load or sun load. In this article I will teach you how to access the internet for free without alternating or cracking any codes in your phones. To get free internet, simply download free basics from the app store.

What is Free Basics App?

Free Basics App or is a browser specially made by Facebook in partnership with Samsung, Ericsson, MediaTek, Opera Software, Nokia and Qualcomm to provide free internet services to less developed countries to get the whole world connected.

It provides people free access to useful services using their smart phones without being charged for the data consumed by the user. Useful contents included are about the following topics: news, employment, education, sports and local information.

Free Basics App is very useful to less privileged families for their education and communication purposes. From the Facebook page, I watched a video there where a little boy and his bigger brother narrates how useful is to them to get in touch to their mother who is working overseas to secure their family’s future.

God bless you Mark Zuckerberg for doing a good deed for the entire population of the Earth!

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Thursday, May 12, 2016

9 Warehouse Functions That Keep Operations Growing

To meet maximum productivity in a warehouse for rent, managers and production staff exert unfailing efforts. Commonly, warehouses for rent are seen to be places where materials and products are stored until the time they are ready to be distributed. Moreover, warehouses are used to effectively protect company’s assets and take proper control over company’s operating cost.

Here is a quick list of warehouse functions that determine the success of the operations.

Loading and unloading

Since customer’s satisfaction is paramount, managers make sure that each product is carefully handled starting from the loading process. Check out this guide on how to load packages in a truck.

Receiving and checking inbound goods

Upon receiving products in a warehouse, they must also be checked. A report must be done indicating the following: date the product was received, whether it is on time or not, the quantity of products and discrepancies (if there are any), if the quality meets the specification, and names of the personnel who performed the checking, to name a few.

Internal product movement

It is specifically important especially if warehouse managers and workers decided to move products to a different place within the warehouse. While doing internal product movement, it is advisable to update the record system else picking and packing notes would be inaccurate.


This is commonly pertained to as the central function of a warehouse but it is more than just about keeping the products or packages in a safe place. Storage must be systematically organized. Upon product storing, put on each an information label. Keep similar items together. This will be helpful especially when there is a need to pick items on delivery. See this on how to effectively organize the storage of inventory.


It is the process of withdrawing items in the inventory to fulfill an order. Labeling and logistic listings can help expedite this process much faster.

Stock rotation

Keeping an information label on all the items is helpful when rotating stocks. Stock rotation is the arranging the oldest items in the inventory for them to be sold before the newer units. It is done to reduce losses especially for items that have expirations.


Like storing, products should be packed properly. Individually, they must be packed with cushioning to ensure that there would be no damage.

Cycle counting

It is a specified process in which products are counted on a specified day. Cycle counting leads to accurate accounting in business. This enables managers to effectively make necessary decisions when it comes to purchasing and dispatching.


This concerns the maintenance of product quantity in a warehouse. Warehouse replenishment is divided into three types: demand, routine and top-off. With demand replenishment, only needed products to fulfill an order or group of orders are picked from the inventory. Routine replenishment, on the other hand, requests more products to be brought in a certain location if it had reached the minimum threshold. While top-off replenishments are attempts to bring the stock back up to satisfactory levels when picking up is less active.

Effectively handling these processes means reduction of product loss. Consequently, there would be a continuous improvement in the operations concerning a warehouse for rent.

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