Thursday, January 21, 2016

Load Me Na, the Best Sun Load, Globe Load and Smart Loading Station

Having problems loading your prepaid sim? Getting tired on countless walks just to have load? Worry not, Load Me Na’s here!

What is Load Me Na?
Load Me Na is an easy to use online platform which gives you access to loading all network providers namely: Sun load, Globe load and Smart load plus Level up Games loads as well. It is a one stop shop to all your loading needs. Also, with Load Me Na you can also take advantage of its free sms platform which you can take advantage of. Just type the number of the recipient and your number as the sender. Select the country in which the receiver will send the message. Type your message, then press send.  

Easy Paying Option
With Load Me Na, experience hassle free payment options. You can pay via Megalink, Debit Cards, Paypal or even from your own reward points. If ever you would have problems with this, you can seek help from our Live Help.

If you need further help, you can reach us on their website: and through their fb page:

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Iflix, Now Available in the Philippines Through SMART-PLDT

Last week, finding TV series episodes of my newly favorite American TV Series “Mr. Robot” was very difficult. I watched and have downloaded all of the episodes on season 1 but can’t get a clear copy of Season 2’s episode 4. I really enjoyed the whole TV series because it was really good, full of twists and it really kept me thinking about what would happen next after watching episode 3 of Season 2. I was really excited until the site that I usually used to download was closed and now finding myself lost and desperate to get a copy. Fortunately, I found this:

Woah! WTF! FTW! Wait… Wait… What’s this?! Is this really the answer to all of my problems?!  Am I dreaming? Wake me up dude! It’s like an answered prayer! Watching TV series without hassle? Oh’ come on! But yes, it’s a reality because of Iflix.

So, what’s iflix?

Iflix is Southeast Asia’s leading Internet TV service provider. It boasts of the largest database of the world’s top TV series and movies having partnership with over 60 of the world’s leading TV Networks and Movie producers. Some of their partners are MGM, Walt Disney, Paramount Pictures, Fox, CBS and BBC.

Is iflix available in  the Philippines? How can I avail subscription?

Iflix originated from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Aside from Malaysia, it is also distributed to Thailand and the Philippines. Yes, you read it right, it is available in the Philippines. Through SMART-PLDT’s investment of about $15 million, 70 million subscribers of Smart, PLDT Home, Sun and TNT can enjoy a thousand of hours of TV shows and movies through Iflix.

Started just last mid of December, a free 3-month iflix subscription will be given to all Smart load, Sun and TNT subscribers. For, PLDT Home subscribers, a free 12 months iflix subscription will be given for free.

For more info, you can visit their site directly:

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Manny Pacquiao’s Yacht, A Dream Come True

One of my dreams when I was a kid was to have luxurious things like a big house, a car, a big bike, and of course owning a yacht someday. I know some of the things listed above can be achievable a big house, car and big bike can be worked on someday but owning a yacht? Come on! Having it would simply be just a dream but would only be possible if I can be someone super famous product endorser, a tv show host, an NBA player or even a boxing superstar.

Here in the Philippines, there are only a few I know who’s been able to afford such a luxurious ship: one is Willie Revillame and the other is the world’s “8 Division Boxing Title Holder” Manny Pacquiao.

Pacquiao’s yacht was said to be Italian made which is worth P25 Million. It was named as “Sarangani’s Pride” and was given to his wife Jinkee Pacquiao and his family as a birthday present.

If you want to see how his yacht looks like inside and out, you can check this video below:

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Monday, January 11, 2016


Philippine Attorneys have a certain unique charm to them. Being an attorney holds a reputation of having high intellect, poise, and presence. It is not an easy job and it requires good analytical skills, researching skills, excellent deducing skills, and logical thinking ability. Interpersonal skills, communication and mastery of the written and spoken language are also other skills that an attorney should have. It is not a career for those who have a weak heart or are not willing to get their hands dirty. They are often under great pressure and are stressed due to the cases that they are handling. Some of these cases can be really controversial, critical, may affect several lives, and can make them susceptible to danger and threats. In addition, the 1984 Philippine Constitution can be really tricky to interpret.

We may all have an idea how difficult this occupation can get. Starting off from the tedious education years they need to go through and the volumes and volumes of books they need to study as students to get a degree in law. There is the nerve-wracking bar examinations that they need to pass to be able to practice as licensed attorneys. Even after passing the exam, it is also hard to get into a decent law firm. These are just some of the struggles that an aspiring Philippine attorney need to go through. It can be overkill if we think about it closely but these struggles are some of the factors that contribute to the prestige of being a Philippine attorney. We may say that this career is worth the troubles considering it could be a well-paying job.

But not everyone stays in the career path of practicing law. More often and similar to graduates of other courses, law graduates are forced explore other fields other than being an attorney due to the changing demand of employment. Some of them would resort on taking up posts in certain corporations as a part of their legal department; some in completely unrelated field. And some use their legal knowledge or experience as an attorney to run for public office. You may not be surprised to know that some of the most celebrated Filipino politicians are graduates of law or have previously been Philippine attorneys. 

To name a few, here is a short list including the University from which they graduated from:

  • Manuel Roxas Manuel A. Roxas - 1st President of the 3rd Philippine Republictopped the 1913 Bar Exam (University of the Philippines)
image source:
  • Diosdado P. Macapagal - 5th President of the 3rd Philippine Republic; topped the 1936 Bar Exams (University of Santo Tomas)
  • Ferdinand E. Marcos - 6th President of the 3rd Philippine Republic; topped the 1939 Bar Exams Bar Exam (University of the Philippines)
  • Jose P. Laurel - President of the 2nd Philippine Republic; 2nd placer, 1915 Bar Exams (University of the Philippines)
  • Elpidio C. Quirino - 2nd President of the 3rd Philippine Republic; 2nd placer, 1915 Bar Exams (University of the Philippines)
  • Sergio S. OsmeƱa - 2nd President of the Philippine Commonwealth; 2nd placer, 1903 Bar Exams (University of Santo Tomas)
  • Manuel L. Quezon - 1st President of the Philippine Commonwealth; 4th placer, 1903 Bar Exams (University of Santo Tomas)

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